anxiety and carousels

It is difficult to bear what happened here. You walked out of the Fade and our soldiers found you. The only one who escaped a blast that killed thousands. And you have no idea how you survived?

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business casual goth


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ill soap you up…

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before and after coffee

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My friend, my faithful friend…

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Selfies are the best. Anyone who says otherwise can beat it, I mean when else do you get to smoosh faces with a celebrity? Normal pictures don’t give you that chance :P

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the concert was so good.

expect 101001398420938420398 pictures tomorrow.

you’ve been warned 0,0

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Ready for the concert… Posting this because my ride is late >__>

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I’m pretty pleased with the 12th doctor


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I love my skin!

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Speaking of amazing fictional ladies

Captain Amelia is the -raddest-

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J. Bone redesigns Superman so that he can best use his solar-based powers.

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Imagine this: You’re sitting in your animation history class. Your professor says that your classmate who sits two empty seats away from you is going to show his animation. Joy!

Then, projected ten feet tall in glorious HD, is an autobiographical piece about his life problems and his manic pixie dream girl purple skunk girlfriend. Complete with fade to black sex. And masturbation scene.

Imagine that and you will know a fraction of my pain.

holy piss

This is the link

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